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Date: 15 JULY  ‘23
Location: TBA - Oakland (Chinatown)
BAY AREA! We're bringing that neon-soaked, hazy summer energy for SUMMER JAM. 

I won’t use this space to gas up this show or try to sell you on anything. To me it’s more important to express how freeing this show feels! 

In a flattened out, post-post-modern world there really are fewer and fewer “underground” spaces, artists, etc. Anyone with a phone and Internet connection can bubble up and have a moment. 

But “underground” spaces still hold a certain draw because capital and real estate interests converge to make throwing something as simple as a fun party extremely difficult. 

So much of our world has been democratized *except* space! That’s still held on to by a select few and of those select few, even fewer are open to anything actually subversive -- anything not meant to get people drunk, or sell bottle service, or play extremely commercial music. 

That’s why doing shows like SUMMER JAM feels so fucking good. It’s our own thing, thrown with our own friends and our own equipment. 

So, to get into the details, SUMMER JAM is inspired by a vintage feeling. Summer Jam concerts are a staple of hip hop communities all over the country. Radio stations organize these mega festivals that brought out all the best national and local rap talent. 

We drew from this history because this Bay Area summer hasn’t fully kicked off for us yet. If you’ve lived in the Bay long enough, you know it doesn’t really kick in til September but we want this show to be a symbolic launch pad for a scorching hot summer for Bay Area club music. 

We hope you’re able to join us but, deep down in my heart, I *really* hope the whole Bay Area works to create our own spaces and focus our energy outside of the systems we roll our eyes at every day.