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Where do you imagine someone listening to this mix?

This mix takes me back to the rave, the club, when the clock strikes 3 A.M. on the dancefloor and you lose yourself in the heat of the spiral. But since we’re still stuck in quarantine, I think the mix also really works well while turning up at home with close friends trying to let loose and escape from it all, those moments of relief and normalcy that are so important to maintain some semblance of sanity while we ride this thing out. 

Any projects to look out for or a message to listeners? 

I just quit my day job and made some hardware upgrades, so I’m excited to have more capacity to work on production and overall collaboration with other artists. 

I think the future is inherently uncertain for everyone, especially right now, but I feel an undeniable sense of hope that we’ll all come out on top and be pushed in ways that we were never able to even fathom before. 

For now, I think all we can really do is look out for one another, nurture the parts of ourselves that need it most, and ensure our communities have everything they need in order to survive and thrive.

How have you been during shelter in place? Any insights, inspirations, frustrations?

To be honest, I’ve been able to hold down my homestead, but I’m struggling to stay inspired while we’re all stuck in the house for most of the day, and can’t access live music settings in the ways that we’re accustomed to. 

I know there’s hope on the horizon, though, so that’s keeping me going. 

My friends are also extremely talented and are consistently creating some of my favourite art, which definitely keeps me on my toes and pushes me to be the best version of myself in a creative sense.