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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite music released this year: TYLA - TYLA

Ahead of the AMOR DIGITAL show on MAY 25, we caught up with BROWNSKINHAZEL, the multidisciplinary LA-raised artist behind YOU, a standout underground club night.

Performance artist, DJ, Mover, Director.


Q: How did you get started in music?  

A: I started acquiring my cunty musical taste and djing style at a queer party called MUSTACHE MONDAYS. MUSTACHE MONDAYS was a decade long running queer party that convened in downtown Los Angeles every monday. 

The party organizer, Nacho Nava (my queer father), was the first to let me perform and DJ there under the moniker BROWNSKINHAZEL . I was formally taught how to DJ in a DJing crash course facilitated by Helikonia and JOSH PEACE.

Q: Any early influences that stick out to you?

A: All my early DJing influences come from MUSTACHE MONDAYS: JOSH PEACE, TOTAL FREEDOM, ASMARA, KINGDOM, NA, KELELA. These people influenced the kind of music I would later find affinity for years later; the club kid to DJ pipeline.

Q: How would you compare your creative process as a DJ vs the creative process of your other creative endeavors?

DJing is a very focused and anal creative process for me. It's also dynamic. When I create a mix it can take around 3-6 months, sometimes maybe more. I overthink and analyze my mixes a lot. I always want to push my djing style, skills, and the range of music I play.

I love honing in on seamless transitions and the perfect timing of when to do it. When you do this kind of meticulous labor you can see and feel it by how party people will respond to it immediately. How can I bridge this genre with this other one that might feel desperately disconnected to the normal listener. 

I also think of my mixes as hardcore creative essays and obsessive realist paintings. Not sure if that even makes sense. When I mix live at a party, a lot more pressure is off my shoulders but I'm still a bit on edge. 

With performance art I feel like I'm way more fluid and free. When I'm performing I am a lot more welcoming to failure, mistakes, going off script and burning it all down. I haven't gotten there yet with DJing. I think I still have to earn my stripes there. 

Q: What should people expect from one of your DJ sets?

A: The best way to come to a BROWNSKINHAZEL dj set is by preparing to lose your mind, shake ass, vogue down,  celebrate your body, fall in love, buy your friends shots, and feel the godliness that is the power of music. QUEER AND TRANS PEOPLE TO THE FRONT PLEASE! <3