Amor Digital is the San Francisco-based party and netlabel pushing club music from the Americas and the Caribbean.

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Year: 2023 (Jan.)
Format: EP Release

As of the time I’m writing this, it’s been about a month since the release of my latest EP, TORMENTA EMOCIONAL. 

I can genuinely say that it’s one of my favorite bodies of work. I produced these four songs over the course of November + December of ‘22. 

Maybe this is just me projecting but I feel that people still put me in this box of only making reggaeton or throwing reggaeton shows.. and there would be 0 shame in that whatsoever. At the end of the day, it’s the genre of music I owe everything to -- the Afro-Carribbean diaspora deserves every flower, literally.
But I guess I just don’t feel like that totally encapsulates what I do or what AMOR DIGITAL does as a whole.

AMOR DIGITAL shows are not 4 hours of reggaeton + dembow by any stretch of the imagination.

First of all, the way my ADHD is set up, that would get hella boring hella fast for me personally. 

(And what’s crazy is as I look out into the landscape of producing shows, I *know* we’d make more money just leaning into this renewed interest in reggaeton from cis- and hetero- West Coast Latin people. There are many examples of these types of shows blowing up -- it’s an easy sell tbh. 

That would DRIVE ME CRAZY though. Not because I don’t love reggaeton but because to me, reggaeton has historically been a rebellion against reactionary, socially conservative, white supremacist forces in Puerto Rico and Latin America. 

As the genre moves into the mainstream, I feel personally drawn to the corners of the genre’s more obscure corners that still feel like they’re still pissing off the Catholic hegemony.

It would also be fake of me to throw shows tied to one specific genre when nothing in my life is that simple or refined. The beauty is in all the intersections of interests and passions.)

Anyway, I say all that to say that TORMENTA EMOCIONAL is rooted in three genres I love but can never recreate in their truest forms -- reggaeton, dembow and baile funk. 

I’m not Puerto Rican, Dominican or Brazilian. I didn’t grow up in Bayamon, Santurce, Bahia, etc etc. 

What this EP is, instead, is authentic to me and the sounds that drive me and inspire me. This is not a recreation of the reggaeton I grew up with but an exploration of what happens when I specifically put all my sonic influences together to create something new.

In the same way that AMOR DIGITAL shows span the globe musically, I think this EP is a reflection of who I was at the end of 2022. The reception and feedback has been A1 and I’m hella appreciative. 

Love you <3