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DJ S3milla

Year: 2023 (Feb.)
Format: Radio Show/Mix
We caught up with DMV’s finest, DJ S3milla, in anticipation of AMOR DIGITAL on Lower Grand Radio 2/10 at 3:30pm. Tune in live at 

Mix will be archived and posted here as soon as it’s up <3

Q: Tell us about yourself and what inspires you as an artist?

A: Greetings Fam,

This is DJ S3milla from the DMV. I am born and raised in the Washington DC area.

I am inspired by my hometown's ethnic and cultural diversity, being a melting pot and a congruence of cultures, flavors and sounds - constantly buzzing and hustling together.

It keeps my ears and my heart open to different styles from all over the world. No doubt my homelands and heritage of Guatemala (Iximulew) y Peru also play a huge part in how I connect to rhythm, always looking for tropicalismo in my sets and highlighting music/producers from the Anahuac, Abya Yala and African Diaspora as well as sub-genres created by Immigrants and LGBQT communities living abroad.

I really believe People of Color, migrating and moving around are the ones really pushing the sounds, really driving the culture both above and below ground, working subversively at times to create spaces for inclusivity and representation. I'm inspired by being an immigrant-hybrid, Westernized, but Indigenous, Central and South American. These intersections create a space for new concepts, cross-pollinating - which is where S3milla lives and thrives. This mix came at a time of self-discovery and realizations, starting a new path, planting new s3millas and healing.

Music has always been the best medicina for me, my healing and my path as healer also really inspire me to create journeys in my sets, to synchronize in order to shift stagnant energy.

Q: Where/when should someone listen to this mix?

A: I would recommend listening to this mix on any New MOON, or just before setting off on any project, could just be starting off your week, or just another day at work, either in your car at full speed or under a Luna Nueva by a fire...this mix is for shaking off old energy and getting you pumped for new affirmations.

Q: Any projects to look out for?

A: Catch me live @ Lower Grand Radio Friday 2/10, via Amor Digital and stay tuned for more mezclas x DJ S3milla (IG: @s3milla53).